Orestes Matacena - Headshots Gallery
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Besides being an actor, Orestes is a director-writer-producer


If you need a CEO, Orestes is your guy   What's going on here?
Orestes can play intense guys   Orestes can play a nice guy
Want a goofy guy? Orestes is the one!   After a hard day's work Orestes is ready
Hmm, I wonder what you're thiinking.   Hey, I like you!
So, I'm not good enough for you?   My word is a bond,
Want me to tell you another silly joke?   I'm deadly serious.
Now what?   I'm looking deep inside your soul.
You have my word.   The price for this Chevi is a steal.
Hear me well. Not in a million years!   I may be old, but I'm still good looking.
Are you talking to me?   Really. . . ?
Now or never.   Haven't you made up your mind yet?
I'm ready to rock & roll!   That's it!
So?   Are you sure?
Don't you love the US of A? I do.   The best of bests.
Ready for a stiff whiskey?   What are you waiting for?
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I can't believe it.    


So, what's the deal?
I love you!