Orestes Matacena

Orestes Matacena
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"Some able actors are on board, including the excellent Cuban player, Orestes Matacena (misspelled in the closing credits) as a paterfamilias of the Cuban resistance organization."
R. Soonsa
Bandbooks.com (August 18, 2005)

The Mask:

"Strong cast with very good villains, including Green and Orestes Matacena. "
Leonard Klady 
Daily Variety (July 28, 1994)

"Se destacan Peter Green como el villano atractivo y Orestes Matacena como el genio del mal."
Rene Jordan
El Nuevo Herald (Julio 29, 1994)

Motorcycle Gang: 

"Director John Milius. . . pulls out strong performances from a talented cast."
Adam Sandler 
Daily Variety (August 4, 1994)


Playing the conniving scoundrel with remarkable ease, Woods delivers one of his best performances, making Caine a character who walks with the calm and authority of a true professional. Gossett, Dern, and Cobb all deliver fine supporting turns, as do Oliver Platt, Orestes Matacena, and Heather Graham.
Best Video Buys (2002)

"Orestes Matacena has authority to spare as Caine's mobster banker." 
Abbie Bernstein 
Drama-Logue (August 13, 1992)

"The supporting cast is also good, specially Oliver Platt as James Woods front man and Orestes Matacena as the heavy money from Miami (there is something so sinister about his bald pate and ponytail)."
Frank Maloney
imdb.com (1992)

The Take:

". . . with Matacena having conquered over the largely Cuban group of actors to garner the film's acting laurels, as his portrayal of a drug lord being nicely tatted with ambiguity."
R. Rosona
imdb.com (April 9, 2002)

"Worth mentioning is Orestes Matacena, drum-tight as a Cuban Villain." 
David Hiltbrand 
People Magazine (April 2, 1990)

"Ray Sharkey is decked by the script and direction, and Matacena, though he makes a valiant effort loses the battle." 
Daily Variety (March 28, 1990) 

"Filmed in Miami the show features some tasty heavies."
Ray Loynd 
Los Angeles Times (March 28, 1990)


"Orestes Matacena, as the title character, is ever the noble peasant, but has such character in his face that it transcends the stereotype."
David Lawrence
Boxoffice Online Reviews (February 2005)

"Respected Cuban actor Orestes Matacena (WILD, WILD WEST; THE MASK] stars as the title character, a simple man who leaves his village to join the rebels in Havana."

Producer-Writer-Director Review

TAINTED concerns a married couple, Frank and Cathy (Gene Tootle and Shari Shattuck). Cathy is obsessed with a local mansion, and longs to live in it. Frank buys the place, even though they really can't afford it on their combined income as a teacher (Cathy) and an undertaker (Frank). All is bliss, as the happy pair embark on their new adventure as home owners. Unfortunately, life seems to hurtle downhill from there. For one thing, creepy stuff is happening at the funeral home, where Frank's stone-cold sister Marion (Park Overall) is carrying on an affair w/ the necrophiliac caretaker! Also, Cathy and Frank find their marriage is toilet-bound, after a new, good-looking male teacher starts at school. Meanwhile, a slimy stalker breaks into the house, and attacks poor Cathy! This leads to murder, when Frank walks in on them and goes completely bananas! Blood and death ensue, and Frank winds up dead in the process. Cathy panics and slips multiple gears, sending her mind into meltdown oblivion! Man! Remind me to never buy a house in this neighborhood! Believe it or not, it only gets more grim from here, as Cathy's head implodes further, and Marion becomes involved. TAINTED is a rather goofy, schlock-y movie from 1987. It's loaded w/ enough violence, nudity, insanity, and overall cheeeze to make it a classic of berserk cinema. Warning: This film contains dire love-making, police brutality, square-dancing, a glorious bubble-bath and shower, maniacal grave digging, a brain-mulching, incessantly ringing telephone, a pseudo-symbolic dream sequence, a hooting, leather-clad, 80s-MTV-style "gang", and a rip-roaring, gotterdammerung of a finale! Oh yeah! This one must be seen by every living soul! . . .

Bindy Sue Frønkünschtein
Gave the movie FIVE STARS
January 17, 2015

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